Laboratory test sieves in accordance with the international standard EN ISO 5223 are a specialty product that finds application in the classification of grains and cereals as required by Government Intervention Boards. Grain analysis using test sieves has become the obligatory classification method in the majority of grain-producing nations and Blau-Metall has specialized in the production of test sieves according to EN ISO 5223 for over 25 years. As such, we offer all sieve aperture dimensions included within ISO 5223 as well as accessories to deliver an integrated solution for all grain sieving tasks.

All Blau-Metall laboratory test sieves are of robust design using high-stability frames and perforated plates made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel to ensure a long life and reliable sieving results over an extended period. Blau-Metall sieves are fully compatible with quality sieves of other manufacturers and can be used in combination with sieve shakers from all major suppliers. Our construction methodology with ease of use in mind enables a simple cleaning process for our sieves.

Rigorous optical inspection of all Blau-Metall sieves with modern digital measurement technology guarantees an outstanding quality of our products and full compliance with the tolerances specified in EN ISO 5223. The individual laser engraving on every sieve allows for full traceability and ever sieve is shipped with a Certificate of Compliance with the Standard (EN 10204 2.1) or, if required by the customer, with a Certificate of Inspection 3.1 (EN 10204) showing the results obtained from the optical inspection process.

Full Compliance

Blau-Metall manufactures test sieves using only norm-compliant materials; precision aperture technology ensures compliance with all tolerances specified in EN ISO 5223 (including reduced tolerances for aperture pitch). Every test sieve undergoes optical inspection using the instruments and methods specified in EN ISO 5223 to confirm compliance with the Standard which is documented according to EN 10204 and made available to the customer. Additionally, Blau-Metall keeps in its own records inspection documents for every sieve we ship so that full traceability is possible if requested by our customers.

Advantages of Blau-Metall Laboratory Test Sieves:

⚙ Stainless steel frame & perforated plate / wire mesh for high stability, corrosion resistance
⚙ Long lifetime and high reliability for all sieving tasks
⚙ Smooth frame surface to eliminate cross-contamination & simplify sieve cleaning
⚙ Very high tension of woven wire mesh even after extended use
⚙ Compatibility with comparable test sieves of other manufacturers
⚙ Compatibility with sieve shakers of all major manufacturers
⚙ Rigorous optical inspection & quality control guarantees norm compliance
⚙ Full traceability & documentation of inspections

Technical Specifications

Grain Sieves
Sieve Sizes
200 x 32 mm / 200 x 50 mm
Sieve Frame
Stainless Steel
Sieve Medium
Stainless Steel Perforated Plate
Standard EN ISO 5223:2016
  • Slotted Hole Sieves (Lg): Rye, Triticale, Durum Wheat, Wheat & Barley
  • SL 1,50 & 1,60 mm: Sorting of Rice
  • SL 2,50 & 2,80 mm: Calibration of  Malting Barley
  • Round Hole Sieves (Rv): 1,40 mm: Separation of Fragments from Rice
  • Rv 1,80 mm: Sorghum
  • Rv 4,50 mm: Separation of Fragments from Corn

Available Sieves


Test Sieves with Slotted Holes (Lg)
Aperture Length (w2) 20,00 mm
Aperture Width (w1)
1,00 mm* 2,20 mm
1,50 mm 2,25 mm
1,60 mm 2,50 mm
1,70 mm 2,80 mm
1,80 mm 3,50 mm
1,90 mm 3,55 mm
2,00 mm
Test Sieves with Round Apertures
Nominal Sieve Opening
1,40 mm
1,80 mm
4,50 mm

* The plate thickness for the 1,00 mm Sieve is 0,8 mm as required by the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food instead of 0,5 mm specified in EN ISO 5223. Plates with 0,5 mm thickness available on request.

Exclusive Sale of ISO 5223 Test Sieves

Blau-Metall test sieves in accordance with EN ISO 5223 are available only via our commercial partner:

Getreidetechnik-Schramm GmbH
Haupstraße 114
09619 Dorfchemnitz

Phone: +49 (0) 37320 1503
Fax:+49 (0) 37320 8290

Accessories for Test Sieves EN ISO 5223, ø 200

Item €/Pcs.
Sieve Lid 36,85
Collecting Pan 200 x 25 mm 34,90
Collecting Pan 200 x 50 mm 40,00
Intermediate Pan 200 x 32 mm 46,50
Intermediate Pan 200 x 50 mm 48,50
Intermediate Ring 200 x 32 mm (Frame without Sieve Medium) 34,85
Intermediate Ring 200 x 50 mm (Frame without Sieve Medium) 36,85

Documentation of Norm Compliance of Test Sieves

For many of their applications, laboratory test sieves are classified as measurement instruments and, depending on national and international regulations, have to be inspected by their manufacturer prior to shipment. Blau-Metall complies with these regulations as every single sieve we deliver has undergone optical inspection according to the standard with which the sieve complies. Operators of test sieves are also obligated to re-certify sieves at regular intervals if they are being used as measurement instruments under applicable statutory regulations. Blau-Metall offers cost-efficient re-certification services with fast turnarounds and complete documentation made available to the customer.

Inspection Documents According to EN 10204

Certificate of Compliance with the Standard / Certificate of Compliance with Tolerances For every Blau-Metall test sieve, we issue a free Certificate of Compliance 2.1 to attest that the sieve was manufactured according to the specified standard or tolerances and has passed optical inspections as required by the respective standard. Additionally, a Test Sieve Record Card is issued for every Blau-Metall sieve to keep track of inspections carried out for that specific sieve.

Certificate of Inspection 3.1 / Certificate of Calibration 3.1

Upon customer request, we can deliver test sieves with an Inspection Certificate that includes all results obtained during optical inspection of the sieve to demonstrate its norm-compliance and increase confidence in the results of sieve analyses carried out with our products. Optionally, the inspection process can be carried out as a calibration in which at least three times as many apertures are measured than are required for the conventional certification according to ISO 3310 / EN ISO 5223 or their ASTM equivalents.

Inspection results for each sieve we deliver are saved in our records for at least one year so that Inspection Certificates can be ordered by our customers after the fact, should they be required.

For additional information, refer to our pages on Norm-Conformity & Certification as well as our Re-Certification Service