Test sieves with square apertures according to ISO 3310-2 are employed in a number of industrial and analytical areas, primarily for the determination of grain-size distribution in soils for stability assessments, grain-size determination in coarse aggregates for use in road and building construction as well as a number of other areas where grain sizes are of importance. Blau-Metall test sieves are of robust construction using only stainless steel components and a rigorous optical inspection protocol guarantees the compliance with tolerances specified in national & international standards, increasing confidence in a statistically sound sieve analysis.

βš™ Robust stainless steel construction of frame and perforated plate for long lifetime and costant sieving results (Frame, tensioning ring & perforated plate consist of 1.4301 stainless steel)
βš™ High-Precision Apertures compliant with ISO 3310-2 / ASTM E 323
βš™ Smooth frame surface prevents cross-contamination & simplifies sieve cleaning
βš™ Ease of use: Blau-Metall Sieves are compatible with comparable sieves of other manufacturers
βš™ Individual laser engraving & serial numbers enable full traceability of Blau-Metall sieves

Blau-Metall test sieves according to ISO 3310 comply with all requirements for laboratory analysis, hand sieving, machine sieving, wet & dry sieving. For every Blau-Metall test sieve, a Certificate of Compliance (EN 10204 2.1) is provided and an Inspection Certificate 3.1 saved in our records and can be issued at a later date. For additional statistical certainty of your sieve analysis, Blau-Metall offers calibration services for test sieves for which data will be documented in a Calibration Certificate 3.1.

Blau-Metall Perforated Plate Sieves, ΓΈ 200 mm

  • Frame: Stainless Steel 1.430
  • Sieve medium: Stainless Steel 1.4301 / 1.4401
  • Incl. Certificate of Compliance, Test Sieve Record Card
  • Delivery Time: 10 Days
  • Nominal Sieve Opening: 4,00 to 63,0 mm
  • Sieve Depth (H1): 32 or 50 mm
  • Perforated Area: ΓΈ185 mm (unperforated margin)
Nominal Sieve Opening w (mm) Standard €/Pcs ↕32 mm €/Pcs ↕50 mm
4,0** ISO 3310-2 103,00 105,00
4,50 ISO 3310-2 On Request On Request
5,60** ISO 3310-2 On Request On Request
8,0** ISO 3310-2 103,00 105,00
10,0 ISO 3310-2 103,00 105,00
11,2** ISO 3310-2 On Request On Request
16,0** ISO 3310-2 100,00 102,00
22,4** ISO 3310-2 100,00 102,00
31,5** ISO 3310-2 106,00 108,00
56,0 ISO 3310-2 106,00 108,00
63,0** ISO 3310-2 106,00 108,00
** Blau-Metall sieves can also be certified according to the requirements of ASTM E323.

Prices and delivery times for all sieves of the R20 Series, included in ISO 3310-2, EN 933-2:2019 und ISO 565, available on request.