Screening tasks, analytical problems and other sieve applications may not be suitable for a one-size-fits-all approach taken in many of the common standards and could call for individual solutions. Over the years, Blau-Metall has developed a number of novelty products on the sieve market – catered to the individual needs of our customers to assist as best as possible with their unique screening problems. These solutions included sieves with non-standard diameters, sieves with replaceable sieve media, reinforced sieves, experimental setups with non-standard perforation patterns.

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Test Sieves with Welded Handles

Double Reinforced Test Sieves (400 mm)

Step Ring with Test Sieve Mesh

Diameter, ring height, material according to customer specification, wire cloth insert according to industrial standard or test sieve specification


Sieve Insert according to EN 451-2

EN 451-2: Method of testing fly ash – Part 2: Determination of fineness by wet sieving; German version EN 451-2:2017

Test Sieve Insert for testing apparatus specified in EN 451-2 – Outer Diameter: 49.6 mm, Inner Diameter: 45.0 mm, Height: 5.0 mm, Sieve Mesh: 45 µm acc. to ISO 3310-1