Our product program also includes Test Sieves for the analysis of tobacco according to CORESTA Guideline (Cooperation Centre for Scientific Research Relative to Tobacco). As with all Blau-Metall Test Sieves, our tobacco sieves comprise a robust stainless steel design for both, the sieve frame and the perforated plate to guarantee high stability over a long lifetime. Compliance with tolerances is verified for every sieve through detailed optical inspection using modern digital Image Measurement Technology and documentation of compliance with the standard is provided for every sieve.


Specs & Prices – Tobacco Sieves
Tobacco Sieves with perforated plates featuring slotted apertures, non-perforated edge:
Nominal Aperture Dimensions (mm) 32 mm Sieve Height
50 mm Sieve Height
2,38 x 31,75 270,00 €/Pcs 272,00 €/Pcs
1,70 x 50 270,00 €/Pcs 272,00 €/Pcs
2,00 x 50 270,00 €/Pcs 272,00 €/Pcs
Tobacco Sieves with Woven Wire Cloth, manufactured & certified in accordance with ASTM E 11:
Nominal Aperture Width (mm) 32 mm Sieve Height
50 mm Sieve Height
2,80 87,00 €/Pcs 88,50 €/Pcs
1,70 77,00 €/Pcs 78,50 €/Pcs
1,00 77,00 €/Pcs 78,50 €/Pcs
0,63 77,00 €/Pcs 78,50 €/Pcs